Information about Claiming for a Mis-sold Mortgage

Mis-sold Mortgage Information about Claiming

The information below is designed to help those with interest-only mortgages decide about whether they could have a claim, what the options are and an overview of the claims process. True Mortgage Claims was established to make it easier to claim for mis-sold mortgages – and the good thing is that it’s entirely free to use. We will put you in touch with specialist advisers and solicitors – and they work purely on the basis of success. No win / no fee.

Should you believe there’s a chance you may have been mis-sold, then you owe it to yourself to find out if you are due compensation. These are the key things to ask:

  • Do you have an interest only mortgage?
  • Was it taken out after 31st October 2004?
  • Could you struggle to pay off the capital?
  • Were you unhappy with the advice you had?

If you’re ready to enquire about your eligibility then complete our short application form here.

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Reasons for Mortgage Mis-selling Claims

There are a host of possible reasons you could have a claim for being mis-sold your interest-only mortgage. Some are listed below, but there could be other reasons not mentioned. Without legal expertise, it’s virtually impossible to know if you have a valid claim. You could have been mis-sold because:

  • You might have been given poor, or even risky and damaging advice, which resulted in you having an unaffordable or inappropriate mortgage
  • The broker or lender was negligent when they set the mortgage up
  • You might have been provided with incorrect information upon which you made your decision to proceed with the mortgage
  • The broker did not explain their commission adequately or because they got a higher commission for suggesting your mortgage compared with a better value one
  • You used the mortgage partly to consolidate other debts or loans
  • You have since found the mortgage unaffordable and even missed some repayments
  • You have no plan in place to repay the mortgage off at the end of the term

To determine whether you can make a claim for a mis-sold mortgage, only a solicitor specialising in mis-selling financial products can give you the advice you need.

Things to Remember

You may think that you don’t have a claim, or that your mis-selling claim might have expired, but it’s always best to check to ensure you’re not missing out on compensation. For instance, you might still have a claim if you:

  • No longer have the mortgage
  • Have sold the home and you are living elsewhere
  • Had the mortgage jointly with someone else you’re no longer living with.

Whatever your current circumstances, you may still have a mis-sold mortgage claim.

What is the Mis-sold Mortgage Claims Process?

Step 1 – Complete the form on this website – it’s quick, simple and your details will only be used to help with your claim. Nothing else.

Step 2 – Your claim will be evaluated to see if you have a potential mis-selling case. The advisor may need to get additional information from you. This is usually done over the phone.

Step 3 – You’ll have an agreement with a specialist solicitor. Before going ahead, they will explain how the case will proceed and tell you what their fees will be when you win. If the case doesn’t succeed, then you won’t have to pay any legal fees for the case.

Step 4 – Success. The court awards you compensation and you spend the money as you see fit.

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